TomoBank data sets and phantoms are distributed using a Globus server. The first time you use tomoBank you need to create a Globus Account and set up you computer as a Globus EndPoint.

To read tomoBank files and perform a basic tomographic reconstruction first, you must have Conda installed. Next, install tomoPy and all its runtime dependencies into a new Conda environment called tomopy by running:

$ conda create --name tomopy --channel conda-forge tomopy

Use this TomoPy installation by activating this environment:

$ conda activate tomopy

then install dxchange:

$ conda install -c conda-forge dxchange

and tomopy cli:

$ git clone
$ cd tomopy-cli
$ python install

After the above installation all tomobank datasets and phantoms can be reconstructed with:

$ tomopy recon --file-name tomo_0001.h5 --rotation-axis 1024.0